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17 February 2011

Make "bigger savings" by switching to LED bulbs

Householders have been advised to switch to energy saving bulbs such as LED lamps in order to rake back more cash.

Lindsay Milbourne, writing for the Weekly Surge, explained that while some may have suggested that dimming incandescent illuminations can cost less in electricity, for "bigger savings, switch to CFL or LED light bulbs".

In addition to investing in energy efficient lumens, she also recommended lowering the thermostat by one degree as this can reduce heating outgoings by three per cent, while insulating the attic can prevent warm air from escaping.

Other ways to save energy, Ms Milbourne suggested, include installing foam gaskets in electrical outlets and using caulk or expandable foam to seal leaks around the doors and windows.

Meanwhile, consumers who are interested in making the switch to low energy bulbs have a wide variety to choose from, it has been said.

The Detroit News reported that shoppers can now take their pick from a host of products that were not previously available.

Category: LED Light Bulbs
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