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20 July 2011

GE Lighting invest in development of new LED bulbs

Buyers of LED light bulbs, such as LED GU10s, may soon be able to choose from even more advanced products as GE Lighting has invested $10 million (£6.2 million) in Nuventix.

The company is one of a group of organisations to put capital up for the firm to work on longer-lasting LED bulbs and systems.

Steve Briggs, vice-president of marketing and product management at GE Lighting, commented: "Nuventix's technology can improve the quality of LED lights by making them brighter, longer-lasting and potentially cheaper."

The latest investment in development of new products is part of the firm's Ecomagination Challenge.

GE Lighting asserted that the market for LED lamps among both consumers and businesses is growing due to the energy saving benefits and the long life of the products.

Earlier this month, the firm announced the launch of its new LED recessed accent lighting fixtures, which make use of Vio LED technology and could act as a replacement for MR16 halogen bulbs.  

Category: LED Light Bulbs
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