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27 July 2011

LED light bulbs to be used on Blackpool Tower

British holidaymakers may soon be flocking to the north-west to see Blackpool Tower lit up with LED bulbs.

Plans are in place to install hundreds of LED light bulbs on the tower to create a heart shape that can be adjusted to create a variety of patterns, colours and effects, reports the Blackpool Gazette.

Iain Hawkins, Blackpool head of Merlin, said: "The new high tech lighting will mean we can turn the top of the tower and the heart into any colour we want and make it a beacon for Blackpool."

He explained that by adorning the tower in the LED bulbs, it will make the grade one landmark even more visible to travellers approaching the city on the motorway.

The LED display would be fitted between 128 feet and 165 feet up the structure and the design is based on Visit Blackpool's I Love Blackpool marketing campaign.

Earlier this month, plans were announced to cover a mall in Korea with 22,000 LED light bulbs to illuminate the property at night.  

Category: LED Light Bulbs
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