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27 September 2011

LED lights for Christmas trees

A US lighting distributor is to offer LED lights as part of its commercial decorating products at Christmas time this year.

Christmas Lights Etc will market LED bulbs primarily to commercial clients as a means of seeking an 80-90 per cent reduction in energy consumption over the holiday period compared to last year.

The durable construction and long life of LEDs make them an attractive purchase for consumers and help to reduce carbon emissions, the US firm claims. The bulbs are said to last 65-times longer than incandescent lamps.

Last year marked the first time the company offered LED lights as part of its seasonal range and chief executive officer William Hale believes 2011 will see energy efficient bulb uptake increase.

"With our increased selection [of] LED products, converting to LED Christmas lights can now be done large scale," he said.

Earlier this month Taiwanese LED manufacturer GlaciaLight claimed that their 60-watt LED bulbs use 83 per cent less energy than traditional 300-watt mercury lights, and have a 30,000 hour lifespan 

Category: LED Light Bulbs
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