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14 December 2011

LED bulbs 'will make up half of commercial lighting by 2021'

LED bulbs will account for over half (52 per cent) of all lighting in commercial buildings in a decade, according to a recent study.

Pike Research suggests that LED lighting costs for various Solid State Lighting (SSL) products will fall 80 to 90 per cent over the next ten years, reports Lighting.com. The study also posits that T12 and T8 fluorescent lamps, which are much less efficient, will become almost completely obsolete over that time period.

The report details factors that are influencing the market for energy-efficient lighting, such as trends in energy codes, sustainability/green certifications and raw material supply issues.

Research analyst Eric Bloom said that the production of LEDs in the coming years will be "transformative" for the industry.

"Rapidly-evolving technologies, such as semiconductors and software, are finding their way into the lighting market, catapulting this traditional, historically slow-moving industry into a new era of high technology," he added.

Philips, a leading lighting manufacturer, recently called on the world's businesses to make the switch to LED bulbs to reduce energy emissions.

Category: LED Light Bulbs
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