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Available in bayonet and screw cap fittings, GLS LEDs are the ideal type of lamp to use if you’re looking to replace a normal, i.e. front room, light bulb.

Typically these types of fitting (bayonet or screw cap) tend to be used for ordinary room lighting, and therefore these are the types of lighting which have traditionally used standard bulbs. These are therefore also the type of bulb which can see most energy, and therefore cost, saving.

These bulbs are also available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions; so you can easily pick and choose the most suitable bulb for your requirements, whether it will require dimming or not.

Since these types of bulbs tend to be located in rooms such as the living room or dining room, they tend to have relatively high use, and therefore changing the bulb to an energy saving version can be a significant money-saving initiative.

An additional benefit of changing from standard GLS bulbs, to new-style LED GLS bulbs, is their longevity.

Standard bulbs tend to only last for a few hundred hours, if that, while LED bulbs typically last for a minimum of 25,000 hours. Due to the way the bulb works, it doesn't heat up, and so is safe and easy to replace – because of this, it means the energy involved with the lighting is minimal, and there is no danger of a filament burning out to cut short its life.

What’s more, LED bulbs offer an instant source of light. You might remember some of the first energy saving bulbs which took several minutes to ‘warm up’ and provide a suitable level of light. LEDs on the other hand offer a bright light from the minute they are switched on – much more ideal for a front room or over the dinner table!

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