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Colour of Light Output
Colours of Light
Light output is usually defined in various colours. These colours are Very Warm White, Warm White, White, Cool White and Daylight. The colour of light is measured on a special scale called the Kelvin scale. As such the higher the temperature the “whiter” the colour tends to be with Warm White having the lowest temperature range and Daylight having the highest temperature range.

Please note this does not have any connection to the finish on the glass of any lightbulb, ie whether it is clear, frosted, opaque, etc
Very Warm White (2700K)
Very Warm White is not a widely used colour. It is a very soft colour tone that most closely matches to the yellow tinge of light traditionally associated with Halogen bulbs. This colour is most often found in areas such as the lounge or bedroom in homes, or in restaurants, boutiques and reception areas.
Warm White (3000K)
Warm White is a yellow-ish colour that is associated with the traditional Halogen light bulbs. This is a slightly whiter light than the 2700K mentioned above, but is the most popular colour temperature for LED bulbs when marked as Warm White.  Again, this is considered a soft colour tone that is most often used in domestic environments.
White (3500K)
White is a brighter shade of light. It is more of a neutral or whiter colour compared to the Warm White 3000K mentioned above. This colour of light is often used in both the home and commercial premises such as offices.
Cool White (4000K)
Cool White is a cooler or “whiter” white colour that is often used in Fluorescent Tubes. It is a more crisp light and provides better colour rendering so shows colours in their brighter, more vibrant state. This is a colour of light that is often found in offices and retail environments. In a domestic setting this is often used in kitchens and bathrooms and helps with shaving, applying make-up or in cooking areas.
Daylight (6000K-6500K)
Daylight is a bright and very crisp colour of light which is close to the colour of natural daylight.  Daylight is a popular colour with creative professionals and jewellers for example, as it provides the best possible colour rendering. Certain kinds of Daylight bulbs are also beneficial to those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or “winter blues” as these particular bulbs closely simulate natural daylight. 
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