Business & Trade

Trade Counter

At our premises we have a trade counter where you can drop in and purchase anything we stock.

We welcome visits from traders of any kind and we have over 5,000 items available for immediate collection. Our excellent range of bulbs, tubes and other energy saving products are stocked at our warehouse.

We provide a prompt delivery service throughout the region. Telephone credit card sales are welcome.

Free delivery is subject to a minimum order value of £50.

Get help from friendly and knowledgeable staff with trade experience to give you the product and the support you need face to face.

If you can't wait to buy it online, visit Energy Bulbs in person and get it straight away!

Visit us Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6:00pm or Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm for a friendly service.


If you need larger quantities of products then why not expect better prices?

If you expect to be a regular customer or want larger quantities then why not get in touch for more favourable pricing.

We have different levels of discount available and we are a fully VAT registered company so you will receive a VAT Invoice with your products.

Because of the stock holdings that we have whether you are after an obscure bulb or just high volumes we will always be able to meet your demands.

There is no light bulb that we cannot source for you as we have access to all high level manufacturers, so if you are struggling to find a product give us a call and drop us an email.

Discount structures are provided on an individual basis and can be withdrawn by us with prior notice.
Please note – not all items on our website are always in stock so we suggest that you call us first to ensure we have the items you require in stock.