The Home Lockdown Guide: How to Prepare For Summer

With an unprecedented number of people currently self-isolating, there are a number of extremely useful renovations that can be undertaken to keep your home updated, protected and ready for the hot summer that is fast approaching.

Invest In A Portable Air Conditioner

It is paramount that all rooms in a home such as living rooms, home offices and bedrooms have optimal healthy levels of moisture in the air. Too much excess moisture in the air will cause an unbearable mugginess that will leave you feeling tired and cranky making simple everyday tasks extremely difficult to do. Water vapour will also start to permeate through walls, furnishings and clothes, which if left untreated will cause damp and mould to thrive. Alongside dust, bacteria and germs.

A portable air conditioner provides the most efficient method of cooling and dehumidification making it the perfect tool to cool any space and protect it from high levels of moisture.

The latest portable air conditioning units such as the brand new Meaco MeacoCool units have the added ability to heat making them 3-in-1 units and wise investments that can be used for all conditions - cooling for the summer months, heating for the colder months and dehumidification all year round along with 3 year exclusive warranty. We stock a wide range of portable air conditioning units suitable for all room sizes.

We also sell a wide range of evaporative air coolers and fans

Upgrade Your Lighting

With the current global situation, there’s never been a more important time to upgrade to LED lighting.

LED lighting reduces electricity costs by up to 90% helping to greatly contribute to reducing world C02 emissions and making the environment more sustainable to live and thrive in - everyone has an important part!

Understanding the energy efficient running costs and monetary savings gained from LED lighting will help to put things in perspective.

A LED GU10 lightbulb which costs £7 is 88% more energy efficient than its halogen equivalent. If the LED bulb is lit for 12 hours per day, with an electricity cost of £0.12 per KWH, it would cost £2.40 per year to run the LED bulb.

The cost of a 50W GU10 Halogen bulb is only £1.00, and if the bulb is run for 12 hours per day with the same electricity costs of £0.12 per KWH, it would cost £20.00 per year to run the Halogen bulb.

Switching over to an LED bulb will save you £10.60 in the first year! – which will continue to increase every year the LED bulb is running during its 15 year lifespan – no need to constantly worry about regularly changing bulbs!

These are the figures for one LED bulb – the savings that can be made in a whole room, house and entire building are ten-fold.

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Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Update the space within the garden and create the perfect area for lounging around during summer evenings with our wide range of outdoor lighting.

Spending time in the garden during summer evenings is one of the best ways to unwind and relax after a long day. Creating a magical space that can be enjoyed when the sun goes down has never been easier – the trick is to keep it simple!

From LED garden lights and LED walk over lights to LED wall lights and LED floodlights, it has never been easier to create the perfect atmosphere for your garden.

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