Below is a list of those questions we are asked most frequently. If you have any questions which are not answered below, please contact us at sales@energybulbs.co.uk

Q: Energy Saving Bulbs are big and unattractive?
In recent years, there have been some large, unappealing energy saving bulbs, and some cheap imported bulbs for sale on the internet still are. However, large manufacturers have now come up with solutions, and most bulbs now have energy saving replacements. We focus on offering top quality branded bulbs from manufacturers including Osram, Philips, Sylvania, Bell and Megaman. These companies manufacture some exact replacements for traditional halogen bulbs in regard to size and illumination. A good premium branded energy saving light bulb should look the same as the old halogen bulb it replaced. You will only feel the difference when your electricity bill arrives.

Q:  Can I get the same colour of the light output from energy saving bulbs or LEDs as I have currently from my halogen bulbs?  The energy savers and LEDs seem to provide a whiter light and is not so "warm".
We have explained this clearly here.

Q: The same bulbs seem to be available cheaper?
We aim to be one of the leaders in the lighting field, providing excellent branded light bulbs from top companies at low-cost prices. Some Far Eastern imported bulbs are cheaper but our knowledge of these suggests they are low quality, too big and rarely fulfil the life expectancy of the bulb.

Q: Do energy saving lights flicker when they are first switched on?
Most of the early models of energy saving bulbs did flicker, but the new premium branded bulbs generally have electronic rapid start circuitry installed which makes the bulb illuminate in less than a second, with nearly no flickering.

Q: Does the colour of the light from energy saving bulbs match the colour of the older halogen bulbs?
Modern technology in manufacturing helps to copy quite precisely the colour emitted from halogen bulbs and the light looks quite natural. The majority of energy saving light bulbs have a warm white finish to ensure the colour is as close as possible to halogen bulbs.

Q: How much money could I save by using energy saving bulbs?
We have created an energy saving calculator which will help you to calculate the savings you could make per year and over the life of the bulbs compared to halogen bulbs. You can type in the current cost of your electricity for better accuracy or use the average figure we have provided. Replacing one 60W bulb with an energy saving equivalent will save you £38.76 in electricity costs over the life of the bulb or £64.00 savings from replacing a 100W bulb.

Q: Can I use a dimmer switch with Energy Saving bulbs?
Megaman has recently launched a new fully dimmable collection of lightbulbs.

Q: I have quite a large order, can I get a discount? 
We can negotiate the price for large orders or can negotiate a discount for customers who place regular orders (at least one order per month).

Q: What is the equivalent wattage in an energy saving bulb?
The equivalent wattage equates to approximately 20% of a halogen bulb’s wattage as shown below:
100W = 20W
60W = 11W
45W = 9W
35W = 7W
20W = 5W

However, Megaman, as the market leaders in modern energy saving bulbs, can give anything between 10-30% better efficiency and more light from their bulbs, than the figures above.

Q: Are my personal details secure when I purchase online from you?
Yes they are. All our checkout pages are secured with industrial standard 128 bit SSL encryption which has never been penetrated. Whilst you place your order, your personal details and credit card data are encrypted, and when you are entering your credit card and personal information you are connected to a secure server. Our website utilises "Secure Socket Layer" security, which almost all web companies with shopping carts use it. Look for the Golden Padlock symbol at the bottom of your computer screen in the checkout and click on it for details.

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 protects consumers using a UK issued credit card for a transaction over £100.00. If your card is used fraudulently to pay for goods which you have no knowledge of and did not order yourself, your card company are liable for the fraudulent balance owed. What usually happens in these situations is that the customer is refunded by the card company for that transaction. Paying using a credit card via a secure website is actually safer than providing the information over the phone.

Q: Why are you cheaper than most of your competitors? 
A. We are an internet-only business, and as such, we are able to greatly reduce the costs of running the business, this allows us to run the business more efficiently and we pass the savings on to our customers.

Q: I am looking for a particular bulb which I cannot find on the website?
We use a large number of suppliers and can source almost any bulbs, so please call us and we will do our best to help.

Q: If you take my email address will I get junk mail from you? 
A. Occasionally, we may email you to tell you about any new products, but we will not pass your details on to anybody else.

Q. How can I make payment for my order? 
A. We currently accept Visa / Mastercard / Visa Electron / Switch /Debit and Solo. 
We do not accept American Express or credit cards issued outside of the UK. 
We can also accept cheques which need to be made payable to Energy Bulbs, but we will not dispatch any items until cleared funds have been received into our bank account.

Please send cheques to the following address:

Energy Bulbs
75-97 Walsall Road
Perry Barr
B42 1TX

Q: Can you ship my order to my work address?
A. Yes. We can dispatch orders to a work address, but we will also need the address that your card is registered at.

Q: Can I call you to place an order? 
A. We would be delighted to hear from you by phone and can usually place your order immediately. There may be occasions when we need to call you back to get your order placed, but this is rare and we usually deal with your call straight away. Our sales line is 0800 043 8978.

Q: Can I get help if I have a problem with a product that I have ordered from you? 
A. Of course. Our Customer Services are there to deal with any issues you mayhave with any orders you have placed. Please contact us by email in the first instance on sales@energybulbs.co.uk.

Q: I may not be at home when the couriers try and deliver my order?
A. If nobody is available to sign for the order then the courier will leave a card advising you of a parcel is undelivered. The parcel will be returned to the courier’s local offices. Contact the courier company directly to arrange an appropriate redelivery time, or you could collect the package from the local offices. It is always best to discuss this with the courier before going to collect. You will probably need identification to collect the parcel.

Q: If I order several items and one is out of stock will I receive the rest of the items?
A. In this situation, we usually hold on for the out of stock items to arrive to us and then we despatch the whole order together. Occasionally a product may be out of stock longer than usual, so please contact us for the estimated delivery date. At times it may be best to remove those items from the order and we will despatch everything else straight away. Obviously, you could still wait until we can despatch everything altogether if you’d prefer.

Q: What hours are your Customer Services team available?
A. Our phone lines are open Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:00pm. We are not normally working during weekends and on bank holidays. If you would like to contact us outside of these hours then please email us at sales@energybulbs.co.uk and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: I have received something I didn’t order and not what I actually ordered? 
A. This does happen but thankfully rarely. If it happens to you, then please use our returns procedure to report this to us. We will issue you with a RAN number to return the wrong item back to us. We will then dispatch the correct item to you at our own cost.

Q: How do I return a product to you for replacement / refund?
A. Please use our returns policy on how to return the item.

Q: What if I cannot be available to receive my order?
A. The courier companies we use are prepared to hold the package for five days but then the package will be returned to us. If you can speak to the couriers, you should be able to arrange for the package to be held at the courier’s depot until you can collect it.

Q: What happens if I receive my order and it is damaged, or there are items missing?
A. Please report this to us at sales@energybulbs.co.uk as soon as possible and we will advise you on what action to take.